Gracious what a distinction an “o” can make!

I don’t think about you, however I cherish Christmas in Australia, long summer days, the sound of cicadas during the evening, fish on Christmas day or customary ham with cooked vegies, I simply love the bubbly season. What’s more, I should admit that I cherish Christmas shopping. That’s right, I’m one of those individuals! When I’ve put some time and thought into what blessing I’d like to provide for my relatives, I jump on the net and surf for the ideal deal or just to discover which retailers have the endowments I need.

However, in my scurry to type in a location I do make grammatical errors and I’ve recently perused a report that discloses to me one little mistake like missing the “o” in “.com” could arrive me some place I would prefer not to be!

This week McAfee discharged its third yearly Mapping the MalWeb report which uncovers the area names (eg. .com, .au, .sg) that are the most dangerous. The current year’s victor is Africa’s Cameroon. Cameroon’s “.cm” area is one grammatical error far from “.com” with 36.7% of the nations space names (sites) containing infections and different nasties that are intended to cause devastation with your home PC. That is well over 33% of the locales that are out to get you or all the more accurately, get your PC! Unquestionably not what you need this Christmas. You can visit mcafee uninstall for more details.

On a progressively positive note, Hong Kong’s “.hk” space which was a year ago’s main guilty party dropped from #1 to #34 on the rundown. This was because of the space chiefs forceful clip down on trick related enrollments. As of this years report, presently just 1.1% of “.hk” sites represent a hazard. Australia’s space “.au” is moderately sheltered in contrast with the remainder of the web (just 0.2%), however it unquestionably doesn’t mean we’re protected while surfing the wild, wild web. The main four areas were as per the following:

  • Cameroon (.cm) 36.7%
  • People groups Republic of China (.cn) 23.4%
  • Samoa (.ws) 17.8%
  • Philippines (.ph) 13.1%

So here are my tips on the best way to remain safe while surfing this late spring:

Tip #1

Well the main tip abandons saying, Slip, Slop and Slap when you’re slurping up the great Aussie sun and remember to reapply!

Tip #2

In case you’re surfing inside, I just have single word for you – ANTIVIRUS!

Presently I must concede, since beginning on this mission as Cybermum I’ve taken in a couple of things and I think one about the most significant exercises has been you can never have an excess of insurance with regards to your home PC. I compare having state-of-the-art security programming to reapplying your sunscreen, since you stacked some security programming two or three years prior, doesn’t mean you’re sheltered presently!… will undoubtedly get scorched except if you reapply, so for your PC this implies update! Look at McAfee Total Protection.

Tip #3

In the event that you can wind up in Cameroon encompassed by tainted destinations basically by missing an “o” it’s surely beneficial checking your spelling before hitting the enter key!

I realize I think that its hard to decide when a site is protected or not, I absolutely realize that my children wouldn’t have even really thought about it, until I stacked McAfee’s SiteAdviser on our home PC. This is quite cool and it’s been extremely simple for my children to comprehend as it gives a traffic light arrangement of red, yellow and green symbols to show a site’s hazard level, so I know when my children are surfing the net this late spring they have their very own little traffic superintendent directing them far from locales that could have seen them surfing in Cameroon rather than Australia! This extraordinary instrument accompanies each McAfee item or can be downloaded for nothing from the site.

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