Uninstall Mcafee

How to Uninstall Mcafee

Mcafee has acomplete cyber security solutions with brilliant communication perception module that check the security of your data which can be downloaded from www.mcafee.com/activate. Whether your data storage is stored on cloud space or on your device.

The application will secure your data against all the issues. Offer your PC the support of real time protection, then you remove the issues of unsafe web surfing and downloading. To search the high-end internet protection program. So, you are need to have Mcafee Activate.

1. Firstly you open the start menu. And then approach the Setting System Apps and features.
2. Find the Mcafeeitem you installed.
3. Then Choose your Mcafee item and press uninstall.
4. This is generally includes Windows Pop-up when you run a non-native app, so you need to press yes.
5. Now you need to select all the items that you want to remove from your PC and press uninstall.
6. The next screen is tried to keep you and prompt that you can reinstall Mcafee again because you have an Active Mcafee subscription.
7. Press Mcafee uninstall to start the process of removing Mcafee from your PC.
8. At this point you can set back and wait till Mcafee uninstall completely.
9. This process holds approximately 5 minutes.
10. Throughtout the removal processyou forced this types of warning.
11. After uninstallation of Mcafee antivirus software ready to install.
12. So, just you press close if you see this message.
13. Now, the process of Mcafee uninstall is done.
14. You will get a prompt to give a feedbackas to why you removed it.
15. Generally you don't care with those, so skip it.
16. And click no thanks and on you proceed.
17. Last step is to reboot your PC.
18. Don't delay it and press restart now.

Steps to Uninstall Mcafee fromComputer

If you do not uninstall Mcafee before installing a current or another version of product. And it will create an application dispute and slow down the computer. You may also faces windows hitting andslow conduct. So, you need to follow the correct method on how to uninstall Mcafee from your PC.

1. Firstly you press on start and open the control panel.
2. Then click program option in the control panel.
3. On the next page, click programs and features.
4. Then choose uninstall a program.
5. From the program directory. Click right on Mcafee icon.
6. Click on uninstall option.
7. Click the yes if asked – are you sure.
8. You want to completely remove Mcafee and proceed.
9. Then restart your computer.

How to Uninstall Mcafee from Mac and Windows

Mcafee.com/activate was known as Intel security group. It is the world's largest security technology company. The set contains an antivirus program, Which is maintained and created by Macfee.

1. Mac
2. Windows

Steps to Uninstall Mcafee from Mac

Mcafee.com/activate is an antivirus program created for protecting windows and macos PC far from virus add. Its control the dangerous level of system control and operation.

• In the Search option to examine the Mcafee uninstaller.
• Then double click on Mcafee antivirus uninstaller.
• Punch continue then follow the given instructions on MAC computer.
• This instructions will ask your MAC administrator password.
• Then enter the password and click ok.
• Press on completed and reboot your MAC computer.
• Now search for Mcafee in search option check to that it will remove completely.
• If you have seen any Mcafee file then you may use Mcafee removal tool to completely remove Mcafee antivirus from MAC computer.

Procedure to Mcafee Uninstallon Windows

To completely uninstall Mcafee applicationfrom a windows computer. There are two things you need to do:-First you should use the windows control panel to uninstall Mcafee. After this is done, so you can download and run the Mcafee Consumer product removal tool. When you restart the PC. Mcafee will be completely uninstalled from the PC. If you have active lincense, then you can reinstall Mcafee on another computer and use the same lincense.

• Click the window key on your Keyboard through the latter R.
• Now enter control in the box and hit enter.
• Now you have seen the control panel open in front of you.
• Then search for Mcafee and right click and hit the uninstall.
• Press next and follow the instructions shown on your PC screen.
• It will remove Mcafee completely from your PC.
• Then it will ask to reboot your PC, once you reboot PC then automatically Mcafee will remove from your PC.
• If any issue occurs like, Mcafee not removed from your PC. So, you can download Mcafee removal tool.
• Once download will complete, then open Mcafee removal tool file and follow the instructions.
• Now reboot your PC to check that Mcafee removed successfully.

Mcafee Uninstall with Mcafee product removal tool (MPRT)

This is a free and official Mcafee consumer product removal tool is a way to completely clear your system of Mcafee products. This program does not include many features that are selectable for the end users, but running it will completely clear system of products like Mcafee antivirus, Mcafee total protection, Mcafee internet security and other items offered by the company.

1. Firstly you move the official page ofMcafee Antivirus and then login to your account.
2. From the Top Menu Bar and click support.
3. On the next page. In the field of the search bar, and you type Mcafee product removal tool.
4. Then the list appears in your screen. And choose How to remove Mcafee items from a PC.
5. On the next page between the information, you will find a link to download the MCPR Tool.
6. Then click the MCPR Tool, download and run the program.
7. If you see a security warning, mark yes and continue the process.
8. On the home screen of MCPR tool, click yes and agree to the license agreement conditions.
9. Then execute the security validation step and finish the prompts.
10. And then follow the step for Mcafee Uninstall.
11. Now you have successfully finished the process of Mcafee uninstall.
12. Then you can purchase a new Mcafee item and reinstall it without any problem.